How is it July already?! Apparently I haven’t reached out on my website since the new year came around. Time really does fly!!  So much has been happening and I am happy to announce that July is Client Appreciation Month. July 1st marked my third year anniversary at Alpha Wellness Center, and I am currently practicing my 14th year of massage. So. . . As a thank you to everyone who has supported me over all these years, I have lots of ‘thank you’ gifts and opportunities to win free sessions every time you come in for a session in the month of July.  HAPPY CLIENT APPRECIATION MONTH!! : )


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A new year. Time to begin again, a fresh start. A blank slate. I say it every year, and 2015 is the same– thank you all for allowing me to witness your miraculous transformations throughout the year. I have seen not one, but two, clients eradicate cancer! Bone density growth! Muscular pain dissipate! Relief from chronic ailments! I am so fortunate to be along on your journies of healing! Thank you, and may peace, joy, and great health infiltrate your lives in this year to come! Let’s do this!


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Spotwork Sessions

Now introducing:


Effective, targeted work to address specific trouble spots when time is an issue. Only have 15, 20, 30 minutes? No problem. . . your body will still reap the benefit of therapeutic massage/bodywork. 

To schedule, text or call 817-793-7433

In peace : )

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July 1st marks my two year anniversary at Alpha Wellness Center! I have been blessed beyond belief to be given the opportunity to do bodywork in such an amazing and supportive environment. I will be offering several specials throughout this month to celebrate my two year anniversary, which I will be posting here and also on Facebook.

Also, I have officially entered into the world of essential oils and continue to learn everyday about their amazing healing properties. I have been incorporating them, for some time, in almost every bodywork session, and have recently decided to join the doTERRA team.This is brand new territory for me and I am excited to see the benefits of these oils. My website for that is:


Thanks for reading, and Happy July! Stay tuned. . . : )

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Father’s Day!


Happy Father’s Day to all the dads, uncles, grandpas, big brothers, nephews, cousins, fathers-to-be and anyone who has guided someone like a father would. Mentors, influences and pivotal people come in many forms. This an acknowledgement to all of those who have made a positive, life changing difference.

Until the end of June:

$25 off regular priced gift certificate


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The completion


I returned from training in San Francisco last week, with a renewed appreciation for the magnificence of our bodies. They handle and absorb so much, and we require them to function at all times. I am grateful to have had this experience and am excited to start utilizing these new techniques in my sessions. If we pay attention to the messages and signals that our bodies give us, we can learn a lot about ourselves and the path that is ahead of us. It is all in the journey : )

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CranioSacral Therapy Training

As many of you know, I embarked on a journey in November 2013 to learn CranioSacral Therapy from Upledger Institute. This May I am heading to California to finish the second part of the training and am extremely excited to expand my understanding of this gentle and powerful therapy. I appreciate everyone that has participated and been a part of my 100 ‘practice sessions’. I have almost reached the end of that goal, and am still accepting more willing participants. If you, or anyone you know is interested in experiencing a session, call or text me to schedule an appointment. Rates will remain at $25 until I complete the second course. At that time, all sessions will be at my regular price. Thank you, and be well.


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FEBRUARY–aka Heart Month <3


February is known and recognized for matters pertaining to the heart. Last week I had a great opportunity to attend Parker Seminars in Vegas with Dr. Perkins. At the start of one of the lectures given by Joe DeMartini, he commenced with:
I want to speak to your heart.

Immediately he had my full attention. Our heart not only pumps blood through our entire body, but it also gives feeling and emotion to the thoughts and data we process in our daily lives. Take time to honor your heart. Speak kind words to yourself. Allow your heart to be open and experience all the emotions of life–the ups and downs, joys and sorrows, victories, triumphs and defeats, so when you look back, you’ll be able to say:

I owned every second that this world could give
I saw so many places, the things that I did
With every broken bone, I swear I lived–
One Republic

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A New Beginning, Once Again


January always marks the start of something new– a new year, new beginnings, new resolutions, new affirmations, a new plan for eating/exercise. . . A chance for life to be renewed. It is exciting time of hope for all things positive to flourish. Trust your journey!

As this time approaches, I always reflect on my previous year of business, and contemplate my goals for another wonderful year of being able to practice bodywork. I truly see my job/profession/career as a tremendous blessing that has been given to me. I am grateful everyday that I have the amazing opportunity to work with amazing people. So, as always. . . Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to fulfill my purpose and life’s work.

The December special will continue thru January!!
4 one hour sessions for $240
(Save $40)
Highlighting Peppermint oil this month!! Ask for all things peppermint this month– peppermint foot scrubs and aromatherapy to help mental fatigue, depression, congestion, cough, sinuses and digestive issues.

Blessings : )

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